The Professional Accountancy Conversion Programme (PACP) offered by the Division of Business and Management since 2011 is a summer bridging programme that provides non-accounting students (covering non-accounting business, science, and social science students) with a comprehensive international accounting training. Students who complete this programme are equipped with the required core accounting knowledge for pursuing an accounting career and a CPA qualification.

Students who are studying in the non-accounting BBA programmes (such as in Finance, Applied Economics, etc.) are only required to take and complete six core courses in two phases in two summer periods. For non-DBM students, students are required to complete pre-core courses and the financial management course in addition to the six core courses. Each phase is consisted of three courses and teaching lasts for one and a half months.

Up until now, there are nine cohorts graduated successfully from the Professional Accountancy Conversion Programme, and more than 200 students have completed all courses. Since 2012, 19 Conversion Programme students/graduates have been selected into the QP Elite Programme or received the HKICPA QP scholarship.

Admission Requirements

a.  Holder of a Bachelor's degree in business or a related discipline from a recognized tertiary institution; or

b.  Holder of a Bachelor's degree in non-business discipline from a recognized tertiary institution who satisfies the pre-core programme requirements; or

c.  UIC students studying a Bachelor's degree in year two or above when they join the Conversion Programme (their eligibility to register in the HKICPA QP will be subject to the completion of the Conversion Programme, the pre-core courses and their recognized Bachelor's degree Programme); or

d.  Equivalent qualification

Contact Us

On Registration:

Ms. Candice Fu

Office: T1-602-R2

Phone: 0756-3620469


On Academic Matters:

Dr. Michael So (Assistant Programme Director)

Office: T1-402-R18

Phone: 0756-3620349